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my mate needs real help regarding his focus st. it was sold as a ex demo car so it was reg at ford. the prob he has is that some things don't add up and ford showroom and ford uk won't tell him anything bout the car. so i was hoping that some of you maybe able to help him out as its realing gettin to him now.
first thing is the sterio its a double din one and as far as i can find out its off a 2006 car not the 2008 model thats fitted to other car of the same year. the serial number i have for it is "czh124222" and part number is vp7g7f-18c821-da.
regarding the car its a performace blue but it has a red interior with red gear knob.
it also has only 1 kick plate on the drivers side. there was also glass under the mats in the rear.
like i said earlier ford won't say anything regarding the car. the reg number is EO58 XPX
It sounds like it has been stored and registered at a later date. It has been known for car makers to get rid of old stock before running with a new lines featres.

Tell him to stop looking at what it's not got and look at the great car he has!

Where did he buy it from then?
This is the only info I could find for you mate as you would need to get your mate to pay £15 to find out everything but it sounds like it's been pincked at some point or may have had a bump if it was a ex demo. But anywho, heres the info so at least your mate can relax in that it is the right clour:-

The enquiry is complete

The vehicle details for EO58 XPX are:

Date of Liability 01 11 2010
Date of First Registration 16 02 2009
Year of Manufacture 2009
Cylinder Capacity (cc) 2521CC
CO2 Emissions 224g/Km
Fuel Type Petrol
Export Marker Not Applicable
Vehicle Status Licence Not Due
Vehicle Colour BLUE
Vehicle Type Approval M1

Vehicle Excise Duty Rate for vehicle
6 Months Rate £118.25
12 Months Rate £215.00

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