Focus RS

had the alloys sprayed on my FRS last weekend, picked it up last night.

couple of quick pics after picking it up! well chuffed with it... just needs clean now lol




I'm a big fan of the rs, and them alloys look tip top.
Just hate the green. Can't put my finger on it. Reminds me when my kids gt a cold.
Mint car though mate.
cheers guys!

TBH, it needs a proper going over! no end of tar spots on it, i did give it a quick wipe down with some tardis, but it needs a proper going over with clay bar etc....

bit gutted too as while removing some tar i noticed theres a fairly big star shaped crack in one of the side skirts :(
Hi, not heard from you in a while. Hope you are ok. Do you still have the Car? Any updates on this project?
completely forgot i had even started this thread lol

Ill update you anyway seeing as im here, i sold the RS after around 18months owning it as i started to get a bit bored and having it on finance was costing me a fortune.

After the RS i bought a 1999 Impreza STi Type R which i didnt enjoy at all, thought it was massivly over rated and just generally didnt enjoy owning it so put it up for sale and managed to crash it the day i advertised it! (doh!) damage wasnt to bad and quite easily repairable, but i had no love for it so sold it as it was and bought an Evo 8

Now after owning both i seriously have no idea how people compare them, i thoguht maybe cause i had a classic scoob and newage Evo but after driving my mates blob eye scoob there is just no comparrison. Absolutly loved owning the evo, but sold this last month as i was doing too many miles in it and had to have it serviced nearly every other month at lioke £300 a time.

few pics of the evo here:

can upload a couple of the scoob if people want but dont have many as really didnt interest me.
Lovely, please post up some pics, were always interested in peoples experiences with cars. It's good you're still around.

We've had a major revamp here, the forums are so much better than they used to be! Much faster and more active and they've only been live for a week now already. There is an awesome new gallery feature and uploading images and media is so much easier now.

I prefer the Evo to the Scooby, it's one of those bovril things I suppose, you love one and hate the other!

Keep us posted with your updated and stick around, you've been missed!
Nice. The Supras have a lot of tuning potential but you will be hard pressed to find a good one. I look forward to seeing your new project threads it sounds like you're going to get something interesting and certainly something on my long term wish list.
Good to hear from you again! Good luck with your hunting! I'm sure the right car will turn up.

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