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Is the flat 4 engine the same thing as a straight 4. I've got my head around V and W engines but I cant seem to fathom the flat 4.

Are there advantages or disadvantages over a flat or straight four?
No a flat 4 is what you might know as a boxer engine (as Subaru use, for example).

Inline 4's are cheaper to produce and take up a lot less space due to being narrower. Boxers are generally better balanced and allow a lower centre of gravity. Boxers have perfect secondary balance (the opposing pistons and rods cancel each others vibrations out) but most have a primiary imbalance because they don't have counterweights on the crankshaft.
Interesting, so I guess a flat 4 engines is a lot lower than a standard one which I presume is better for handling as it has a low centre of gravity?
the old beetle uses a flat four, I would hardly call that a good handeling car, but the old alfasud was brilliant.
The car can be designed very low.
Greater aerodynamics achievement.
Much less vibration.
User friendly maintenance.
Flat/ Boxer /opposed engines sounds really nice...
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