Flashing glow plug Light


Wrench Pro
VW Polo 1.4TDI
My 1.4TDI Polo had a flashing Glow Plug light and so I changed the glow plugs.

The light is back on again. It does not flash all of the time, sometimes for a few seconds sometimes for a few minutes. It comes on when you are stationary or either driving so there is no continuity.

Whats the next best bet, fuel filter, injectors. Is there a way I can test things to eliminate them. There are no fault codes showing on the ECU.
When was it last serviced? Is it used for mainly short journeys? Does the engine stall, refuse to start or idle roughly?
The car was last serviced in July.

The car runs fine which you would not tally to a fault. There's no smoke from it to indicate a dicky injector and it starts and runs fine.

Cant work it out but its really annoying when the light is flashing in your face.

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