Fitting a turbo to a NASP car


South Africa
Chev Sonic 1.6 NASP
Hi guys
So something I’ve been wondering about.
I own a 2013 Chevrolet Sonic Sedan 1.6 naturally aspirated and was wondering what to consider (if even possible) if I want to add a turbocharger to the car to spice up the driving experience. Please advise if this is even possible to do and what is required to make this work and a ballpark idea of the performance gains I can expect.
Any and all advice welcome

It is possible but will take a fair bit of time and money.

Have you looked into superchargers? They seem to be a little easier to fit and setup compared to a turbo and might work better on the Sonic 1.6 engine.
I applaud anyone trying this but see so many projects crash and burn due to the complexities, so good on you for researching and finding out what you are getting into.
Pretty much any car can be turbo'd but it isnt that simple.
Without knowing the engine its really difficult to say how easy and how successful a turbo would be.
A good bet is did the manufacturer offer a turbo version and has any one else done it .
If you get two nos It will likely be either hard to do not worth it or both.

Basic Issues will be ( and not limited to )
You will need a fully mapable ECU
can the head flow the extra air.
will the motor be able to cope with the extra heat and power
If you cant tick those three find another project
Pipework is relatively simple compared to the main issues
If there is a turbo model either buy one or drop the complete pwr plant in including ECU ( wiring may not be simple)


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