Fitting a turbo to a Clio RS


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Hi, i have a 2009 clio rs. Is it possible to fit a turbo? i am aware of the process, but some detail on what specific parts and turbo will help a lot. Thanks


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Hello and welcome. We get asked this question a lot so have a look at these threads which cover the basics. I have to admire your ambition though!:D And I hope you pull it off.
Cheap turbos can be purchased from breakers yards which are ideal for a try it and see type project.:bigsmile:

Please note that I don't think it is worth adding a turbo to an old car with a small capacity engine. There is nothing stopping you but the money and hassle will just not be worth the power gain you get. It is better to just buy a better car for your tuning project.:confused:

Adding a turbo is a major engineering task and without a kit with full instructions and all the parts you need there is a big risk of blowing up the engine. Expect to spend 50 hours upwards on a project of this type.

This is not the sort of modification you should undertake unless you are mechanically competent and know what you are doing.

It is worth looking at superchargers as these are generally much easier to install than a turbo is.

On the technical side you need to decide how much end power you want, whether the engine needs to be uprated to handle it and where in the RPM band you want the power to come on.

A small turbo giving you another 30-50bhp should generally be ok on stock internals but you are going to have a nightmare sorting out the fuelling and mapping for even this modest power hike.


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Go onto ktec's site, they have kits for the 172 and 182 and are working on one for the 197 and 200, their kits give you all you need including the bespoke mapping.
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