Fitting a turbo .........some do's and dont,s

Well here goes , I have a theory lol. I have a 2011 Hyundai Sonata 2.0l turbo Gdi. I want to upgrade the turbo and manifold ,maybe injectors and plugs to colder, and upgrade the cold air ,maybe a bigger inter-cooler. I'm guessing a remap of the computer also. Any other ideas would be appreciated ?. As I am ambitious I then want to take the turbo/manifold and put that on my 2014 Elantra 2.0l gdi ,I'm hoping I can use a new 2.0l turbo head gasket to lower the compression ( if that is compatible). Then its colder plugs ,bigger injectors ,oil cooler ,intercooler and piping. And again a re-maping of the computer or an add on system . I will start with the Sonata and use the parts off it for the Elantra if it all works. Again ,any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated :cool: I hope this is not all a pipe dream lol
All my experience is with petrol turbos and you are wanting to increase power in a GDI which to me seems to be diesel powered so there will be no need for "colder plugs" and possibly "lower compression" as a diesel is a compression ignition motor.
Nope, Gasoline direct injection = gdi lol Both my cars have a 2.0l Hyundai engine . I think they are part of the world engine group of engines. Theta 2 I suspect the exhaust manifolds are the same pattern and head gasket I hope is the same to lessen the compression (turbo gasket) to not blow the whole thing up hahaha..

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