Fitted Auxillery belt tensioner, now the belt seems far too big , why ?


Torque Junkie
Ford Focus mk2
Hi all.
I fitted a drive belt to my car as something keeps shredding the belts and there is a loud rattling noise in this area, I decided to replace the drive belt tensioner

I had no difficulty fitting the drive belt, it started good after fitting it, got it all perfect and the belt had good tension. I later decided to take it off and inspect the old drive belt tensioner and when I went to fit it back on my car I started having problems.
The Belt seemed wayyyyy to big and that was even without the tension released on it. I watched a YouTube video and on the same car it has a lug/dowel looking thing that slots onto the engine but the current tensioner on my car has no such thing.

anyone have any ideas ?

It is a 1.9 cdti 120 bhp engine

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