fitrst mods on my Prelude


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Hi everyone,
I am begining the mods on my 1995 Prelude (2,0 16V).
I will be fitting a suspension kit by TOKICO, the ILLUMINA adjustable (Shoks and Springs, 1,25'' lower).
Also, I am changing the front brake rotors with EBC slotted and drilled turbo rotors. For pads I chose the EBC green stuff.
Any comments?
Sounds good to me, have you thought about induction kits and exhaust mods? They are pretty good mods to do on the prelude.
i am starting from the basic and most needed but i have plans to upgrade it generally, and i have been looking for cold air intake systems and exhausts as well, for a latter step. any suggestions for a good site that ships to continental europe?

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