First Timer

Hey, only just joined up to the site, ive got a VW polo but since looking at all the posibilities im looking into buying a MK3 Golf TDI to start my project.
Just curious as to any pointers and tips anyone could give me as this will be my first project and would rather avoid newbie mistakes if possible :p
Any comments will be appreciated
Hello :) I know that golf 3's rust from the inside out so be really careful with buying one in good shape, and I am not sure about the TDI engine in the golf 3, heard the early TDI's had some problems, I would stick with the GTD (Just turbo diesel with a diesel pump) which should do very well. Have also seen people mounting larger turbo's and front mounted IC's, killing vr6's and still be pretty reliable :)

Other than that, for gods sake buy a fine looking one and not some worn out piece of.. you get the idea :) a lot in my area buy something straight out of the scrapyard and spend a lot making it good condition, instead of buying one for like 500 pounds more in really good condition

Do you want horse power? Do you want to style it? Or perhaps you're more into ICE systems?
The gtd is a good car, as frander says, you get what you pay for. Spend a good few hundred on somthing decent. Will save you cash in the long run.

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