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Was daydreaming back to the good old days (while meant to be working) and fondly remembering my first car - what can be more enjoyable to drive than a 15yr old Vauhall Nova Saloon in light blue paint that used almost as much oil as it did petrol - 1.2L with a top speed of 75mph - thanks god it went on fire when we were welding it.

More amusingly my brother then bought a bogey green coloured one - same size of engine and age but this one was looked after, managed to eek about 107mph out of it (downhill)!

What have others had as a first car?

I'll be curious to see if anyone has had an impressive first car. Mine was a 1983 Renault 9 TLE with a massive 1397 engine. Sadly I killed the car 2 weeks later. My second car was a Mk1 Astra 1.3 EXP and it looked good with its gold and black paint job.
I remember a thread like this when i first joined (Feb '07!!!)

Mine was a metro Gti whcih i then spend a whole lot of money on! I still want another one :lol:
I had a 2001 1.0 Litre Vauxhall Corsa. It wa sok for what it was. But I wanted more power! I remember shouting at it to hurry up whenever I was on the motorway. :lol: I managed to get it to 115mph once, it didn't like it too much and the sound was horrible. So much so I had to slow down through fear of blowing the engine.

1988 Fiat Panda 1000S (and apparently the S actually stood for Super!). 999cc, 45BHP.

The speedo went up to 100MPH and one day (and one day only) I got the needle and good distance beyond that.

Fibreglass at the bottom of the doors where the metal had rotted away. It was five shades of white.
fiat 131 mirafiori 2 ltr twin cam, going back to the 80,s
unfortunately it rusted faster than a loose woman dropped her draws lol
I had a peugeot 306 1.9 turbo sounded like a tractor, only had it for a few months, was quite fast though and was a good runner.
1981 Fiat 127. Surprisingly little rust, even for a Fiat! It had the 1301cc 78bhp engine and it was bloody swift with it's body weight of under 700kG
Metro with turbo graffix and moss alarm,,,still look at the photo and smile.. good times..
i was 17 and had a brand new renault clio 1.2 rn 1999 on t plate

and vowed never to own a new car ever since
My first car was a van! A 1973 Morris Marina van, it was not my first choice but seeing I was in a band at the time I need the room for my amps, speakers and equipment. I was going to buy a Ford Cortina mk3 2000E but having a friend look at it he decided that it was a bit out of shape!
Mt first car was a Five door, A series, silver, 1275 Metro Mayfair. It as bought from my Dads mate in Norfolk for £600 & I loved it! I went all over the country (Glasgow, London, Newquay & Great Yarmouth, to name a few) & It never missed a beat the only thing that went wrong was a duff alternater & a broken engine mount, I really wish I never sold it :(The funny thing is the Rover 100 I have now was first registered in Norwich too! :amuse:
i had a 1.0 metro as a 13yr old, a 1.8 205 deisel while learning to drive and a very tidy mk 1.4 escort when i passed my test:)
My Dads First Car Was a Ford Cortina 2.0 Ghia =) ( pinto engine with a rally cam shaft )

My Dads 42 now and he was 18 when he got it and he has still got it to day locked away =(

Nice tho
hi my first car was a ford escort mexico 1.6 :D
but that dident last long

now i have a 1.5d 5 door pug 106 1997 :embarrest: :embarrest:

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