First car, need ideas and help. 306 1.4 1996


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Peugoet 306 XL 1.4
Hey got my first car, a great 1.4 306 from my nan with hardly any miles on, love it. i'm coming up to my test soon and plan on doing some things on the interior, nothing major, just wanted to spray some panels and maybe speakers etc later on. I want to spray some of the plastics like door handles, transmission tunnel and centre console white, and i already have some plastikote white primer in the garage, so after a good key can i just apply the primer then a gloss laquer without any base like coat as the primer is white? and any hints how to remove the plastics and gear knob? thanks!
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I am unable to help you with your question directly, but hopefully somebody can point you in the right direction for the knowledge that you seek!

Good luck buddy! :)
Phase 1's look mean. I have taken my transmission tunnel out a few times... Where the gear stick is, remove the leather gater, there you'll see 2 screws, undo them. Next you'll need to take the little compartment out, I dont really know what to call it but looks similar to a ash tray at the rear of the handbreak. pull it out, and there are 2 more screws there, remove them and pull the whole thing forward, this un clips the front which hooks onto the centre console. and then lift. hard part is getting it over the gear stick. If you want to paint it, I'll say prep work is most important when painting to get the best finish. Sand it down completelty smooth before doing anything. Using a soft grit sand paper, sand it all down which will remove them horrible little bubbly decal which attempts to make it look like leather, then wet and dry from say 200 grit up to 1200 should see it smooth. Then apply a very thin coat of primer, wait till dry and repeat once more. The primer will probably go on thick, which will help cover up any blemishes in the plastic and spray with a colour or go on ahead with the laquer, again in very thin coats.

Hope that helps! ;)
Brilliant, thank you very much! will get cracking and have a go after my stupid VIC i got next month. will try get some posts showing how its going

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