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Hey everyone!

I wanna spend about £2000 to get my bhp up. As some of u may know the Fiesta ST is 150bhp. I have already fitted a viper kit to it but can u advice me on wot i can do next? As I said I have £2k to spend so please help me out.

Sports exhausts & induction kits are good pairings - also get a remap as well to make the most of the power available. Fast road cams and a bit of head work will also make a big difference. Add a fuel pressure boost valve for a better throttle response. Does the handling perform well or are you looking to modify the suspension?

Expect to get another 40-50bhp for your 2K
Thanks for the advice m8!

Well im getting slight understeer when im hitting turns at 80mph+

Do u think MILLTEK SPORT 4-1 Cosworth specification large bore Manifold
A Quality K & N 57i Cone Air Filter Kit.
Free decat section worth over 70 pounds
A custom tuned New Dreamscience Stratagem Unit.
A pair of Cosworth camshafts. is worth £1700 ish? apperently it should bump me up to 190bhp.

I've read good things about the dreamscience. A decat will not really give much of a power boost though and you need to put the cat in for the MOT and spot checks at the roadside. Other than that your shopping list sounds good to me. Does the price include fitting?
The price sounds good to me. What will the dreamscience add to the car without the other mods - this is probably the most cost effective mod. Cams can make the cars idle lumpy but obviously the more you spend the better the end result will be.
To be honest I dont know wot it will do exactly. Generally remapping helps with throttle response and excelleration time. u think i can get cheaper than £300 for fitting?
How's it going guys.

I also have a Fiesta ST but mine is called and XR4 cause its in Australia.
I am also looking at tuning my car, im pretty happy with the overall balance of the car right now but i want some more hp and torque. i dont want to go crazy, probably just an extra 20 - 30 hp would do me. i also want to maintain the linear delivery of torque from low in the rev range to it's peek. what would you guys recommend for me to achieve this. any kind of help would be much appreciated.
oh and im kind of on a budget, cause of the missus.
HI mate and welcome to TorqueCars. Which engine does it come with in Australia then?

I would have though some fast road cams, sports exhaust with sport cat and induction kit with a cold air feed should give you around 20 extra ponies to play with. An FSE fuel pressure boost valve will also make the throttle more responsive.
I only hear good things about Cosworth Cams so i think they are a must. The exhaust system on a ST is restrictive so i would make that you first point of call
To be fair my friend, If you do your research first you might find it cheaper and far better £ for BHP ratio if you consider doing and engine transplant. I had a very sucessfull conversion on which I gained over 100bhp and only spending £850 ;). All I did was change a 2.016v lump for a 2.0 16v Red Top Turbo lump from a Calibra and bobs ya uncle. (Check out the "Features" section of this site for more info as My Vectra is in there ;) )

So with your Fiesta in mind, I would definatly consider RS2000 lump with Twin 45 Webbers or even the Focus ST170 engine as thats 170bhp to start with and can easily be taken past 200bhp without going near a turbo or NOS. But then you can get a little more serious and consider a Focus ST3 turbo engine or even the Mondeo ST200 engine. Sounds a bit daft I know using a tuned 2.5 V6 engine but you see alot of Vauxhall Corsa's popping up with the Vectra ST200 tuned V6 engine and a couple of them even have a turbo from a 2.5 V6 Turbo Saab.

But like I say, do your research first before diving in at the deep end and you will be suprised how far you could make that £2K go ;)

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