Fiesta ST MAP Sensor


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Ford Fiesta ST190
Hi Guys, How do I remove and clean the map sensor on my ST. It's suffering from a lumpy idle at cold start. Sounds like it's running on 3 cylinders for the 1st minute or so.

I have cleaned the TB, replaced spark plugs and leads, check AFR's.

MAP sensor next then O2 sensors, any advice?
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take it its not just a couple of security bolts thats holding it in ?
if you can get to the wire use electronic or carb cleaner on it - DON'T TOUCH IT. this is more or less just a quick fix and normally needs replaced.

if you dont have the tools then try removing the plug from the maf to see if it runs better
Thanks, I need to locate the damn thing 1st, then figure out how to remove it. I know it's behind the TB on the intake manifold, but yes, I dont want to gop disconnecting the wrong stuff. The Fezz doesnt have a MAF.

Thx for the reply.
sorry i mis read the post i thought it was the MAF you were looking for

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