Fiesta Mk4 tuning tips


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Hi can anyone offer me some guidance on tuning my fiesta

Its the 1.25Zetec engine

I have a K&N Air Filter on it.

I dunno what the next stage would be

any help?

Ben :?
Hi Benji1, welcome to Torquecars. How much are you willing to spend and how much time are you prepared to put into this?
I have plenty of time to do anywork on the car.

At the moment i will be doing bits on the car step by step Not sure really how much iam willing to spend on the car £500 approx.
Exhaust back box and suspension - not really a big performance hit but will make the car more fun to drive. Save the change for your next car. The bigger the engine and base power the better the gains will be for your money.

An engine swap would be good - lots of work involved and insurance do not like it much, but you can get a good 1.6 engine from a scrappy and swap them over. (Might need a Gearbox as well!)
Any Preference on the 1.6

Obviously the 1.6 will have to come from a fiesta???

My mate has a set of Lowering springs for my fiesta would they make it handle better do you think?
If you change the springs you should really do the shocks too (this does depend on how much lower you go).

Yes the 1.6 engine needs to come from a Fiesta. The XR2 engine would be good although I think the Escort engines may also fit - you need to check the mounting points of these. The 1.4 Flight Fiesta had a pretty good engine but for an engine swap you really want to get the most power you can. Try to match the series of Fiesta engines to avoid complications.
Ok i will have a look around for another fiesta engine.

Only really want more power and handling as it Understeers a lot

Thanks for the advise!
Dont forget that a new engine will also require a new wiring loom and it is best if you get this from the donor vehicle.

The understeer can be reduced with careful suspension set up - see our suspension article in the main site particularly the bit on Toe & camber settings.
if the engines are of the same code how come you will need to make up a new wiring loom why can't you just use the one you already have?

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