few of mine

my old track wrx , running 300 ish on trailer of to track day


type r version 6 running 365

me old uk turbo , loved this car to bits should never of got rid

Nice pics mate. Especially like the last one. ;) still think these shaped scoobys are the best looking ones. Even without the female attachments lol.
Where are you from ?
Lol. Race car widow lol. We supposed to be having a meet at Santa pod. All tc members. Aug/sep time. Have a look at the thread. Can't link it as I'm on me phone
will do that and thanks , will probably be down there with with a few mates so will pop over and say hi , and race car widow lol nah mate my wifes as bad as me loves her cars , vr6 golfs had quite a few , and done many a track day with me , my kids are petrol heads too , son already got a project on the go and he,s 13 , civic vti caged up with a bd lump in it , he,s slowly learning how to do up a car !!
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