Few moody pics of the RS

Decided to get a few decent shots of the Focus in the bank, couldn't really think of a good location so made the best of what I had!





Comments welcome :D
Looks very nice matey! I love the pics, they have come out really well. The last one is a little dark in the foreground, perhaps some late sync flash would have bought it out but the position and lighting would make that a pretty tricky shot to take at the best of times.

Nice to see you keeping it so clean and I suggest you take it away to the seaside for a weekend as a treat.
Thanks bud. Yeah it was hard to do much with the rear there without moving the car or shooting a full homebase carpark lol. Seaside lol, we all know if a Ford sees salt it rots within 48 hours :(
I want one! Looks awesome mate!

I have a question... Would you ever trade that for the new mk2 focus RS? I do prefer the mk1 personally, looks subtle but mean at the same time.
No mate, I've not driven a mk2 yet but been out in a couple and they're nice cars but I much prefer the rawness of the mk1 and I also think its better looking with the mk2 a little close to the Ripspeed section of Halfords. The Mk2 is too common also and as good as the engine is its not even a Ford engine.

Mk1 all the way for me.
Nice addition. I just removed mine and reverted back to stock. What with my dodgy back I decided I wanted comfort! I do miss the snugness but not the hard fit.
Harnesses were a steal - £200 for the PAIR brand new and even still in date! Clip in too so I will most likely use the seatbelts for long journeys.

Stamford, the standard seats are so comfortable and look good (imo) but are nowhere as supportive as they look really were no good on track with the spec the car has. Pole Positions are great though. The most comfortable "proper" bucket seat I've ever sat in! Sit a few inches further down now which just feels fantastic tbh.
Very nice MA, I hope to fit a similar set of harnesses myself before to long. Those belts were a cracking price as most places I have looked at your price is effectively BOGOF ;)

Just noticed this from you though: Harnesses were a steal - £200 for the PAIR brand new and even still in date! What exactly were you referring to you when you said still in date :confused:

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