favourite color for cars

I love black when it is clean and shiny but keeping it so is a big problem. I quite like flip paints and candy red but I am very happy with my cars purple metallic. Purple is an odd colour that looks black or dark blue in certain lights.:D
I love black when it is clean and shiny but keeping it so is a big problem. I quite like flip paints and candy red but I am very happy with my cars purple metallic. Purple is an odd colour that looks black or dark blue in certain lights.:D
I love really dark purple too, but black is my favourite colour, maybe I will paint my black jag with purple accents.
do like black as you can get it super shiney pretty easy but it is hard to keep that way
wifes looks great after a quick wash,ok 2 hours is a quick wash, but compare that to 4 hours to do mine which isnt as good a shine

Really like black color but its really hard to keep it looking clean!!!! And where I live it will be impossible coz we are still waiting for the asphalt to be done:amazed:
Depends on the car! Trouble with black (or other dark colours) is it's hard to keep looking clean and shows up any blemishes. Nissan Midnight Purple and VW Dusty Mauve are amongst my very favourites though.
Silver is my favourite colour as far as cleaning it goes. But yes I agree that black looks best on most cars.

Matt black is also a fave of mine and hopefully will not be so hard to keep clean.
Depends on the car as i like all my trans am's to be black
but if i was to get a mustang i would like it to be red

and jap cars i think a nice deep blue goes well

but a nice shiny black goes a long way

i clean mine every week and polish and wax ready for the shows but now it needs a clean but is just sitting in the garage
It does depend on the car in question, but a couple examples are bayside blue (Nissan colour) and premium pearl white (Honda colour).

Sexy ;)
Depends entirely on the car and the observer. In 1998 a work colleague of mine bought a kingfisher blue metallic XK8. Nice colour but would have suited my Primera better, which was dark metallic green (Peridot green was the name for it on the order sheet).

I also think that the Nissan's colour would have worked better on his Jag than its own colour.
i have a burnt orange on my civic, it looks pretty sick. the interior and exterior match. my favorite color so far. i haven't seen anyone else with it where i live either so its nice.
Silver is always popualr cos it looks 'premium'.

There seems to be a trend for white these days which I hate as I dont like washing the car every 5 minutes.

My all time favourite colour is the battleship grey as found on saab 900s.
I would have to say that my favorite color on a car would be a charcoal kinda grey, like a dark smokey kinda color, looks beautiful on many cars.
As everyone else has said (and i'll have to agree) Black paintwork looks the buiness when it's highly polished, trouble is after about 2 hours when you get dust / pollen sitting on it, it looks pretty poo. I think the best colour car i've had was silver, it never looked dirty. What type of car is it your thinking of painting?.
Every collor is good....as long as it is black! :lol:
Got black Ibiza and black Golf mk4. Clio is blue, but If I could find good peace in black it will be black as well.
It really is tough to keep it shine, but I wash my cars once a week and once a week it is beauty to me. If I had anny other collors they would not be beauty's not even once a week. :lol:

P.S. I agree there is models that look best with some other collors, but black is almost always sure bet in my point of view. In other hand some time ago, all new cars was silver or grey, today all is white, but black never goes out of style.
Exactly. My record is 9 silver cars passing me in a line. it seems that people choose a car colour that is easy to sell on rather than a colour they actually like. But I guess most people aren't car nuts and they are just a way of getting around
i'm thinking of sanding, priming, painting and clear coating my car in a baby blue colour. going to have white rims and white interior trim. im just very hesitant about painting it myself.. as it could all turn to custard and look really bad.
but since i cant exactly afford the massive amount of cash a professional will charge, then if i want it painted then i will have to do it myself.

i quite like black cars, my current colour is a dark sparkly green which looks black in some lights and green in others.
What ever colour it comes. :D

I'd never buy a new car, so I'd never have the chance of picking the colour. I think when you are looking for cars, the car finds you, not the other way around.

The right one will jump out at you. But....TBH if I owned a BMW, I would like it to be black or white. Just so I can play Mafia with myself in my head!

Any other car doesn't really matter to me!! :bigsmile:
silver has turned into the boring colour for me as it has become sooooooo common

The shape and size of the car is key . It makes a huge difference to what looks right

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