Favorit 1.3 to 1.8 engine conversion


skoda favourite 1.3
if u please...can any one tell me if i can replace the 1.3L skoda favourite engine with 1.8L engine of an octavia because i'm so tired of the sick engine of mine:'(...i knew that it has a 54HP so i wanted a bigger one:)
I'm sure the swap is possible but I've never seen it done.

It will not be easy as you need custom mounts. The 1.8 was never an option in the Favorit which makes it harder. You will also need the ECU and wiring from the Octavia to make the engine work and you will also need to alter the front suspension to cope with the heavier engine.
thnx waynne...i really appreciate your help:)...but i asked 2day about the engines...they told me that i can place the 1.6L not the 1.8L one...i dunno why but i think that they are wrong because in case of the octavia we can place the 1.6L one with the 1.8L engine...so i think that there something missing...they told me that i can't replace the braking kits with the octavia one...dunno...but i'm really getting mad:D:D:D...thnx again
There was a 1.6 Favorit, perhaps that is what they are thinking about. It would always be much easier to fit another bigger engine from the same model in a car.

Let us know how you get on and what ideas you come up with.
that will be from my pleasure of course:)...i'm still a biggener but i hope 2 be good someday:)...and i also hope 2 get better performance from my car:(.....thnx:)
hey mate answered this in your other thread, waynne missed a few things youd need.
didnt notice it was a favrote you were putting it in however so alot of the stuff might need to be custom build eg the engine mounts
take a look on a 1.8, see how it is bolted on the octavia, then take a look on the favorit, and check out what's to be done, and the places where the 1.8 engine does the strongest vibrations, add there some more rails spoiled to the chases, and bolt the engine on them, so it can handle.
u wont be able to use skoda gearbox get engine out of 1600 felica it will fit with skoda box u will need wiring loom front pipe and some other parts i have made this swap make sure to get plate between engine and gearbox
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