Fault code B2791


Wrench Pro
VW Polo 1.4TDI
I have had an airbag light on my car sine i bought it. i have just don a dignostics check and the above code appears. On the diagnostics it says its 'Air Bag Cut off switch (ACS) out of range'

I am stumped as the car is not fitted with an airbag cut off switch?. I have had the Air Bag control box that is under the handbrake reset to no avail.

Any ideas what i need to look at.
This usually relates to the front passenger airbag switch.

It could be a bad connection in the airbag system if it is. Try this: Unplug and reconnect all components.

Disconnect the battery, leave the car for 30 mins then reconnect. Any faults are often cleared if they were just blips by doing this on most cars.

Did you find out what this related to?

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