Father/Son Project Car


Hopewell Jct NY
2002 Civic Coupe
Hello to all, Just wanted to introduce myself as a new member. I have been a vehicle tech for over 30 years but I am a newbie to the tuner car world. My experience with turbos has been heavy equipment & truck engines. I grew up in the era of muscle cars and at one time I was ASE certified as a master engine machinist. All that said, I have rebuilt many engines but am completely ignorant of what you all do here. So far you guys are impressive with all that you know. I am humbled to be able to join this community and look forward to your expert guidance with our build.
Yes, I will thank you! My research so far has convinced me that the D17A2 stock engine w/ 127 bhp in our 02 Civic coupe is not practical to modify. My son's end goal is 300 bhp and from what I've read the D17A2 is just not a good choice. I've even seen some recommend choosing a different car altogether like the RSX or Civic Si. Here's the rub. I paid almost nothing for this car, it's clean w/ no rust, and I have driven it for over 2 years. I looked for a K20A and they are reasonable. Even the JDM versions aren't too bad. I also considered the K24. What I don't know is how many modifications it would take for a swap of those engines. My experience with mods on muscle cars of yesteryear is, sometimes they end up being a pain and you chase repairs down the road. Wanting to avoid that! Any thoughts from anyone would be appreciated.
The K20A out of a JDM made Type R is a quick little engine. Add a turbo and you've got a beast on your hands. That would be my recommendation. The whine of an engine that revs over 8000 RPM is a sound to behold!

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