Faster on left or right bends


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Do you find that you take corners at different speeds depending on which direction the bend is in?

Talking to a tyre maker in the UK we learned that UK cars tend to have heavier tyre wear on the nearside, implying more heavy right hand cornering.

Does this prove true with your driving style? Why should there be more wear on the nearside of a car?
The reason for the wear imbalance is because most roundabouts are taken in a clockwise direction.

There are a few exceptions - Denham, High Wycombe and Hemel Hempstead spring to mind but even these 'super' roundabouts are made from a series of smaller unidirectional ones.
Do they have roundabouts in other countries or is it a European thing?
My drivers side was the first one I replaced due to wear.
Doesn't matter to me left or right I boot it the same through the bends.

:lol: I bet you do TN, that Focus must be rewarding pushing round a bend, my mate has one and drives it like he was behind the wheel of a Ferrari :)

Will have to monitor my tyre wear starting from now, as I have had the camber adjusted to 2 degree neg on the front and rear, and parallel on the front Toe and half a degree on the rear Toe. So will see how this effects my tyre wear with regards to normal road use and two more track days :)
i love the new simpsons episode where they in england and enter a roundabout lols then crash into queens carriage

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