FACE OFF stereo's. Carry it, or hide it ?

Face off stereo's, Carry it, or hide it?

  • Always/Normally hide it in my secet place in the car

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  • always/normally Lock it in the glove box/boot

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  • cant be bothered with the hasssel, so stick to factory headunits

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i've had 2 stereo's nicked. since i've been motoring. and it SUCKS. :evil:

So anyways, Face off stereo's.
isnt it time they came up with something more user friendly & less fragile?

The better they get, the more fragile they are.
Who's forgotton the face in the gym/work locker, home etc.

Who's dropped or damage their Face? :cry:

How can you get a new face when the old one has died? most shops try and make me buy a new one. :?

i think :idea: they should make stereos have a seperate immobilizer that can be hidden somewhere hard to get to. and wireless (bluetooth etc, with a seperate power supply. like a tracker).

Whats your view/opinion?
head Unit

Hye P4paco. I know what you mean they're a bit of a fook about aren't they? I had one of my mates stereo's on one of my old cars ages ago, it was great. When you turned it off or the engine off is swivelled over and back into itself to elave nothing but a blank sheet of plastic so it didn't look like there was a stereo in the car. Awesome! As soon as i find one again i'm buying the bad boy!

I agree with our immobilising technique however. Also they should maybe make voice activiated or fingerprint activiated ones (though i think we're getting a bit futuristic here) so that chav's can't half inch them anymore. Also a good system would be for the stereo to actually recess into the dash and a locking face come over the front that looks like part of the dash, that would be awesome!
I always take the face off. So many get nicked where people watch what you do when you park it up! Working as an insurance broker there were about 6 stolen which were hidden in the glovebox and under the seat.

Fit a really naf looking radio in the dash, then hide your nice one in the glovebox and stick a remote control on the steering wheel!

What about those radio covers that make your radio look like a naff one - they are so tacky they might just work.
i know which one your talking about, its a Kenwood jobbie. they are slick. 8)

i actually had the MiniDisc Sony had units with Sony Xplod Mp3 changers.
those MD headunts also flipped over to reveal a completely blank black buttonless face. which also came off [thin buttonless face off] if you wanted it to. :D

:cry: Both times i had this head unit stolen they didnt bother checking my glovebox for the 6CD Mp3 changer, which i still have lying around,
i wonder what they're worth,
(sensible offers PM me, Paypal/cheque/cash2collect) [2availible as i had the same setup in 2of my cars].

And before you think what a plonker for leaving the face ON 2nd time around.
i had loaned the car to a family member who i HAD warned about this.

Oh well, you live and you learn. :rolleyes:
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