F140 engine in a truck?


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I was trying to figure out if it would be possible to drop a F140 (enzo engine) into a Dodge Ram 3500... everything (including logic) says it should be possible.... from what I know the F140 is also used in some heavy duty farm tractors and such and the RAM does have quite a bit of room.... but I just need some real human confirmation that such a feat would be possible.... so..

Would it be possible to take a ferrari F140 engin and drop it into my Dodge Ram 3500??...


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I'm not sure how much use it would to you as you have a Ram not a Viper lol, but there is talk in the works that the new Viper will have a Ferrari built V10 engine and heres a quote from said site:-

"Another one of today's rumors says the next generation of the Dodge Viper will be powered by an engine signed by Ferrari. This would not be the first time the Dodge Viper will have an Italian heart. Back in the 1980's the engine of the Dodge Viper was based on the same V10 concept that gave birth to the powerplant under the Lamborghini Gallardo's hood.

There have been reports that Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne is looking to power the next-gen Dodge Viper with an engine derived from the units that will propel the future Ferrari and Maserati models.

The new engine under the hood of the Dodge Viper will be a 90 degree V10 pushrod unit with output figures that are not known yet."

Any engine can be made to go into any car if money isn't a problem. But i'll keep an eye out on the net for you to see if i come across anything as i'm always looking at car/tuning/mechanical stuff ;)
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