Exhaust and Intake on a BMW 330


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So I've recently bought myself a BMW 330 and was looking at starting off the modifications with a new exhaust and induction kit. Having looked at some of the prices for induction kits though I'm beginning to wonder if it would be worth it for the gains they could potentially offer.

For the exhaust I'm looking at getting a stainless steel custom cat back exhaust made up by a place local to me in Bristol. I'm keen on getting a sportier sounding exhaust note and releasing a little bit more power and torque. What I'm undecided about though is whether the money I would spend on an induction kit would really offer an noticeable gain on the 330. Some of the kits on the market from GruppeM, Simota etc are getting on for £400 and more and I can't help but think this sort of money could be better spent on other areas of the car, especially as the stock intake that is already there is probably quite efficient anyway.

Any thoughts or opinions on whether you think an induction kit is worth it in my case?


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Buy a replacement panel filter and use that £400 for a remap. Get the exhaust done first alongside the panel filter and the remap will make more use off the modifications.

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