Exhaust and cold air intake mod


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Mondeo 2.2 TDCI
Mondeo MK3 2.2 TDCI 2006.

Thoughts please.

I have just fitted an ST bumper with an exhaust opening, (my existing end section exhaust has a downwards pointing end pipe). The exhaust system has only one silencer from the cat, which is on the end section of the exhaust. My plan is to delete the silencer by removal and adding a straight through section, therefore creating a straight through exhaust from the cat, utilising the exhaust cut out in the bumper.
I believe the biggest restriction to exhaust flow is the silencer, so this change will hopefully improve the flow plus enhance the overall look.

The next intended mod, is to create another cold air feed to the air box. The first ST’s had two cold feeds, which worked well, but then was discontinued, I imagine, due to costing.
The only thing that concerned me was the affect that this would have on the MAF. Most people I have spoken to have said, basically none.

These mods, in my opinion, should increase engine breathing and rid itself of waste more efficiently.

I would appreciate other views and thoughts.

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