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What genuine excuses have you had for turning up late to a meeting/work/appointment? How late were you?
We've had a flat tyre 15 minutes late, accident on the road 4 hours late, Clutch cable snapped didn't make it, stuck in heavy traffic 1 hours late, ran out of fuel 2 hours late!

That's not a bad list for a long driving history. I tend to leave early and so most problems are sorted within the elongated journey time.
Can't say I have been late for anything important as that is one of my pet hates. If I have been late for work I don't need to give an excuse as I don't need to justify it as no-one really cares! When I have been later than usual it is usually down to traffic caused by an accident etc.

I was nearly late for my wedding, not my fault she chose a pub opposite the church or should that be a church opposite the pub! Anyways, isn't it the brides perogative to be late?
Therer are quite a few good excuses such as

I was detained by the police because they thought I was a terrorist

But it can often lose you your credibilty

However one that is absolutely foolproof is

Your wife drove into me (insert mother/daughter dependant on the age of the person concerned)

But my own personal one that is often true is

I went out for a drive
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Normally I try & avoid making excuses because as soon as you start telling someone why you were late it sounds a bit jackanory. I prefer just be upfront & say "I'm sorry, I didn't leave my self enough time to get here".:amuse:

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