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Evo 8 @ 400bhp
I am after getting some new kit inside my car and would like some advice. I'd like a tidy sub installed. I already own a sub and amp but I'm still a little unsure if I want to install it. I have never wired up a ICE before and don't want to damage any part of my car. Plus, will it have any affect on my battery or affect my turbo timer when that kicks in place? Any help would be appreciated.
shouldnt effect the battery as long as its wired in correctly and cant see it having anything to do with the TT.

as long as its wired up the remote line will go dead when the headunit is off. this will switch the amp itself off
Would you know if there is any hols that need to be made for the wires to go through? Im not to bad at wiring. Its my job, but usually deal with network cables and phone lines! lol
You should not need to make any holes at all if your lucky! Most cars have preformed grommets from the cab through to the engine bay i.e for your main Battery supply to the Amp, they will be blank i.e appear solid, but you merely make a hole through it and push the cable through this will allow a tight seal to remain around the cable.

Cables from the head unit i.e. remote start and low level signal out, can be run underneath the carpet and though an access hole with the cars main wiring loom, which can be located on either side of the rear seat.

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