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Golf GTI 2.0
Hi guys,

Been looking at some VW's that have been modded, tuned etc and something has been coming up that I don't quite understand...

Can someone please tell me the difference between Euro style, American style and if there is any other style?? I've been trying to pick differences between other examples but I am struggling.

Any help or even pictorial examples would be awesome!

Euro style is an easy one. All the bumper lines are smoothed and simplified. It is a clean crisp look with rubbing strips removed often along with badges and grilles are replaced with mesh.

Look at the pic at the botom of our golf tuning page to see eurostyle.
Cheers guys,

Looking forward to getting started on me 2.slow now I have some added inspiration. Really like the Euro look to be honest, still trying to find the right stuff to get the kinda look though, not having much luck but I'll get there!

The styling page really helped, and now I have a new name for my Jap enthusiast friends xD
Well Ive started to get cracking and I'm taking it easy to start with and have Been looking for anniversary valances or bumpers but having trouble finding "good" ones. Been told to try and get OEM ones but only found this site*. I was wondering if anyone has seen or user this site and knows if it is actually oem or if there are any other good sites I can browse???

Many thanks, Noob!

The link will just take you to the home page, to see the kits from the home page go...

Homepage>Volkswagen>Exterior>Golf/Jetta>Golf 4

best place to get a OEM one mate is to give your VW garage a phone. just make sure your sitting down
below is a capture from ETKA (VAG parts catalouge, mines is slightly out of date)

Yes that does say £364 for a primed one

VW speed used to stock them

Please watch this on my YouTube channel & Subscribe.