Escort MK6 1.6


Escort MK 6 1.6
Hey guys how's everybody doing?

I've not posted much here so bear with me I'm a bit of a newbie :p

Basically my Escort has recently been involved in a crash, some guy reversed out of his drive straight into the side of the car. The insurance company said it's a write off but I've said bollocks because I can get the damage repaired for a really good price.

Anyway the point is, I've been thinking about actually doing something serious to the car now. At the moment I've only got an induction kit and exhaust system, nothing major but you gota start somewhere right? :p.

After reading various posts about people wanting to drop new engines in, such as the RS2000 lump, I've been seriously considering this. My only question is; if I do this what else has to be done, i.e. do I need to update chassis / gearbox / brakes etc?

Sorry I'm pretty ignorant when it comes to serious modding so apologies for asking stupid questions. In addition how much would it cost to do a project like this? Furthermore the engine I had in mind would probably be the RS2000 lump, anyone here from Surrey know of any good breakers?

Sorry for the lengthy post, cheers guys.

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Hi Chris. Feel free to ask any questions you want to. The chassis is fine as it is. Perhaps the front suspension will need adjusting but the RS2000 and 1.6 engines are similar weights (at least more similar than if you were going from a 1.3!)

Gearing is usually set up to the engine. You can often get away with the current box but it will most probably break due to the extra power. As this is your first engine swap I would keep it simple.

Use an engine from a mk6 Escort - the mounts will all be the same. Get a gearbox and engine together. You will need to swap the computer (ecu) with that from the donor car and there might be different wiring so the engine loom will help.

Brakes are a sensible upgrade but not vital, the engine will still work and the 1.6 brakes are not too bad. However you will be accelerating faster and using the extra power so nice brakes can be a lifesaver. I would upgrade to discs all round with some vented discs on the front if I were you.;)
putting a rs engine in is no end of hassel as the looms and what not are getting harder to get and that means alot of money if i were you i would drop a 2 littre silver top in there or a black top as that way parts are easier to com across and cheaper and can also get the same bhp
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