escort 1995, airbag light


mondeo zetec s tdci
hi, just wondering if anyone knows anything about the lights on the dashboard, my air bag light as just started flashing!! dont know if it means anything but it flashes 4 times, slops and continually flashes 4 times!!! does this mean its buggered? and do u know if its a pricey job to get sorted?? cheers folks!!!
The code 4 flashes is for pretensioners circuit - it is probably a bad connection under the seat driver or passenger. Locate the yellow sensor connector thingy under the seat or to one side of the seats under a flap, unplug it and clean up the connectors then reconnet and swith on the engine and hopefully the ECU will realise the fault is corrected and the light will go out.
thanx, did that!! followed the yellow cable, n it was joined at the clip but followed it to the end, and it wasnt even plugged in lol, had to squeeze my hand under the track, and managed to plug it in! turn ignition on and NO FLASHING AIRBAG LIGHT yay!!! and now i realised wot caused it!! my stupid brother changed my stereo when i got the car last week and put the old one under seat n must of caught the cable!!!! wot a plonker :lol: glad i got it sorted, MOT in sept!!! thought it was guna cost me a fortune!!! just goes to show if u can find some1 that knows wot they doin ya dont get ripped off!! garage told me if they could do it with wires it was gunna be 40 quid, or if i needed new airbag then im talkin dosh!!! but now i sorted it for zilch!!!!! BONUS!!!
No Problem! Its a pleasure to help out! A garage could have charge about £50 for that piece of technically advanced electrical work!
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