Escort 1.8d clutch problem


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Hi, I'm at a bit of a loss actually.....:confused:
I have just fitted a new clutch kit, cable and clutch arm. The problem I was having before has returned. The clutch pedal hit the floor and did not return. I have looked under the bonnet and the clutch arm is moving back and forth freely. What I think has happend is that the thrust bearing has traveled too far along the gearbox primary drive and caught between the the clutch plate cover and the lip of the primary drive. Any idea on why this has happend and how to fix it please?>..
Are you sure its not a problem at the pedal end? There should be a sprung return on the underside of the pedal which pushes it back.
I've checked the manufacturers catalogue online today and its saying that the clutch I have been given is for a MK6, my car is a mK5....:confused:
I've also managed to source a Haynes manual, and it say's that if the correct clutch is not fitted it can cause this exact problem.....:blink:
What do I do now????
The firm that supplied it have a duty of care to you. They have not provided goods of merchantable quality so I'd go back to them for a no quibble exchange.

If you ordered the clutch wrongly it gets a little more complicated! If the right clutch was ordered but wrong one supplied then this needs to be taken up with the firm that supplied the clutch.

Distance selling regulations give 30 days refund on just about everything but you lose that if you get it from a local shop. You might use your consumer rights as a last resort to get the right clutch out of them.
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