engine replacement disaster




we have a 57 Honda Accord CDT-I, 65k on the clock. Sadly had to have a new engine due to a driver error.

We ended up with a service exchange (not quite what we intended), from direct engines in scotland. It fitted ok (by local reliable & experianced non Honda garage) but has a problem when it over 3000rpm it goes into limp mode.

We went from there to a Honda dealer where we spent another £500, but no progress, they have tried loads of stuff (lists available) swapping parts from another car. They tell us the engine came from a CRV (we weren't told that on purchase) but the supplier insists it wil lbe ok & all they will do is have it taken out & shipped back for testing & retern to us - but there is no garentees that will sort it, just cost us a load more in fitting.

any suggestions or better experts we can try?
Greetings and Welcome to TorqueCars My Friend! :)

Very sorry to hear the bad news about your engine problems! I am sure that somebody will be along in a while who is better suited to offering some help and advice to you! Good Luck ;)
I suggest you contact Hond-R asap. Ask for Maz. They're brilliant guys there and have excellant customer service. I used to go there back in my Honda days and will 100% vouch for them.
Might be an ecu issue and if in limp mode would tell me one sensor is down, possibly a knock sensor. If plugged into a diagnostics machine it should pick up something if indeed in limp mode. If the engine is from a different car and you had issues then it may not start and would require the ecu/bcu and hand fobs programming like other cars.

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