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Ruislip, England
E30 touring 325i
hi guys (and girls) i'm in the process of my first engine rebuild (ok i'm only doin the heasd gasket) but as i thought the whole engine was goin to have to come out due to what i thought were seized bolts i've pretty much removed everything. is there any advice someone can give me for putting it all back in, i didn't keep check on where each thing came from....:confused:
:eek: You didn't keep a note of where things go back in! Welcome to a complicated jigsaw puzzle without a picture to go on.

Don't reuse the old bolts, they stretch and suffer from stress with age. Main bolts have to be tightened up to a correct torque setting and in a set sequence. Has the head been skimmed before you put it back on?

Make sure you put the spark plug leads back in the right order. Post up some pics and we'll do our best to point you in the right direction.;)
that sounds like a plan, i got a few mates who are mechanics and they've all agreed to help out. so but would appreciate any help i can get!!!! made a bit of a mess today draining the sump, lets just say the council aren't going to be happy with the new colour of the road outside my house haha!!!! cheers waynne will keep people posted if they want!!!
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