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port elizabeth, south afr
2.0si ford focus 20

on my 2007 focus hatchback 2.0si (duratec engine) the mods I've done
up to now are a powerflow stainless steel exhaust and a sportsflo air filter.

to be honest there is noticeable gain in perfomance but not that much, so I want to modify the engine.

any info appreciated, thanks
thank you T9 man for the info now how do I remap the ECU.


You don't personally but a professional trained in the black arts will. If you are unable to find someone in SA to do the job for you, then many companies exist around the world who you can send your ECU off to with the relevant details of your car, engine and under bonnet hardware etc and these chaps will build you a performance map and send you back the ECU to plug back into your car.
Been reading alot lately of the duratec engines... Apprently they are capable of around 200hp, on stock internals. Or have I been reading too many Performance Ford magazines? :lol: throttle bodies may become a good idea if you go for a remap.
Hi, T9 Man and the rest of Ford Focus members forum
finally I'm about to do STAGE 2 that is to do head gasflow, intake gasflow, intake match port, throttle body gasflow, cam reprofile, new gaskets and a chip, it sounds great but my question is how much kw and torque will I get by all this modification and remember its a 2007 Focus hatch back 2.0si
^^ Hard to say really buddy. A good remapper can extract as little or as much BHP as possible from your engine. The trick is to give you performance but not at the risk of the detonation of your engine. :sad2:
An experienced tuner will look at the mods that you have currently fitted to your engine and write a performance map accordingly. Get as much information as possible about your hardware upgrades, every little piece of information gathered no matter how small will be of great help to the tuner to perform his job to your expectations.
T9 man I'm a little bit scared now because all I want is performance not to blow
up my engine but I think I just have to do my homework on this matter, go around and get more info and I thank you for your help.

If your tuner has a good reputation David then you should have nothing at all to worry about. I would be failing in my duties if I did not bring to your attention the worst case scenario. Do your research as thoroughly as you can, verify the tuners reputation and not just by reading glowing testimonials on his own website. If we can be of any further assistance please do not hesitate to come back to us, if I cannot help you then we have some absolutely marvellous chaps on here who will know the answers to your questions ;)

Good luck buddy.
Turbonutter and T9 man these are the pictures of my 2007 ford focus 2.0si hatchback and I think this will help us on this matter, I'll very much appreciate
your help and more info, thank you guys.
Hi, guys I've been missing for quite sometime but the good news is that I've
managed to get a good tuner in my area and he has fitted the unichip and I
was impressed by the performance of the car cause remember the car (FORD FOCUS 2.0L) was pushing 107kw and 189nm but now it's pushing 116kw and 194nm a little more than the ford fiesta ST. I fitted the unichip in Oct. and up until now I've had no problems with the chip, I enjoy every ride and I'm happy. so to you Wayne, T9 man, Turbonutter, Davalav and to the tuner Jacques I want to say thanks a lot guys, with your help I managed to achieve what I have today, thanks guys
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