engine immobiliser light staying on 406


uk cheshire
peugeot 406
The engine immobiliser fault light is staying on on my peugeot 406.The engine wont start and when.the ignition is switched on the lights come on and the wipers come on intermittant.
Welcome to T.C matey, good to have you around. Crud that sounds like a nightmare, sorry can't help you, but sinse it's all gone south already, I'd try and disconnect the battery for 15 min, put it back and hope for the best, sometimes you get lucky that way.
Greetings and a Warm Welcome to our TorqueCars Forum my Friend!

Good to have you along with us :)

Possibly a flat battery in your keyfob? If you are with the AA or similar they should be able to help, failing this then a visit to a dealer would be advisable.

Fingers crossed that somebody on here has come across this problem before and can help you more directly.

Good luck buddy.

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