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Famila 2000
I'm wanting to put a turbo into my Familia. Currently it has a DOHC 16 Valve, pretty sure 1.6

So my question to you guys is, will this particular engine be able to cope or what else I was thinking of doing was a GTX 1800 conversion.

Also, I've read that the gearboxes are fairly weak, would upgrading that be a must aswell?
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adding a turbo is possible but it is alot of work and £££ where as it could well be cheaper buying a turbo car to begin with
quick read here

if your upping thepower by a considerable amount then something will need to be done with the gearbox as the clutch wont be able to hold a huge amount more torque. if the gearbox itself is known to be weak then yes id look at changing it as well
great, just deleted my OP somehow..

I'll try remember what I wrote.

This is my current engine, wanting to know if I can add a turbo onto it or would it be easier to simply do a engine conversion (GTX 1800cc)

Already answered my gearbow inquiry :toung:

@pgarner, I read those links before I posted this thread. It could be cheaper to buy a new car but I don't want a thrashed one and have to rebuild it again :amuse:

btw, do all DOHC look the same? Is there a way to tell difference of engine by simply looking at it? I've looked in and around the engine but its all Japanese so it doesn't really help.
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Jambun, I have the 1800 gtx Ti and its one of the tightest engine fits ive ever seen, there is little room to work on it and I could not imagine fitting a diy turbo, even changing the fan belt is a nightmare.
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