e34 suspension upgrade tips?


e34 535
Hi, recently got a nice 535 to replace dying 530, want to improve handling without losing my teeth (rural roads can be fun, but they're poorly maintained); looking to spend around £500 so Billies are a no-no, anyone with experience of Weitec, Spax, Apex, H&R out there? Any sensible suggestions gratefully received.. Also, can only find H&R springs on a USA site so far...
Whatever you get make sure they are adjustable. Standard off the shelf springs IMHO leave a lot to be desired.

Why not just get your bushed uprated and renewed, fit an anti roll bar and go from there? H&R springs are pretty good from what I've heard.

Don't drop the car too much though, 35mm is pretty much all you need if it is handling and comfort that you are after.
Cheers, think i'll get the spax psx kit as the dampers are adjustable and I think it's a 35mm drop if my memory is functioning, either direct or from bmtown, and do the bushes and bar at the same time, but I haven't decided where to get these from yet... also will be keeping stock wheels, know of any issues with this?
Stock wheels should be fine with a 35mm drop providing all the suspension geometry is within factory settings.
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