dyno tuning in arkansas area


92 300zx TT
I live in the Jonesboro, Ar/Memphis, TN area and am in dire need of someone to tune my car. Everyone I have contacted so far are only into the GM, LS, and Ford motor tuning. I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction who could possibly help me out.

I have a 92 300zx TT, that is NisTuned. I have my own software, just no one to do the tune, and I have no experience in tuning cars. Reason for needing it tuned is, at 4500 rpms she starts to buck like she has rev limit, or governor. I am thinking that my problem is that my fuel is to lean and my knock sensor is shutting the car down. When she is cold, it doesn't have this problem, but after warming up, im at the rodeo again.

Any help is appreciated, thank you