DVD/ Sat Nav/ Single DIN


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Mitsubishi Carisma
Where can I get this package and not spend loads of money?!

Had a quick look in Halfords and the only ones they had in there with Sat Nav were near the £1000 mark! I don't want a stereo that's worth more than my car, even if it does have sat nav and plays doovides!
I'm surprised they're all so expensive. You can get a flip screen DVD player for £300, or less and a sat nav for £60, but if you want them in one package you have to pay four times that!

Sometimes I do emergency call outs which means I need to get somewhere quickly, hence I was wondering about sat-nav, and when I do get there I often just sit on my proverbial, hence I was thinking about the DVD bit.

I don't have a standalone satnav (I've got an A to Z!), but I do have a portable DVD player but it needs to run off the cigar lighter - same as my flashing orange lights.
Get a sat nav and a PSP. You then have everything you need for £200. The PSP does play movies, wifi internet, games obviously and is an MP3 player. If only there was a SAT nav option on the PSP.

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