duel exit exhaust

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thank you. i will remember to mention this to the garage. i have opted for a brand called miltek from uk. the upgrade is from existing 160 bhp to around 210 bhp. this is just to get rid of a bit of the lag in traffic daily driving and also enjoy it on touring. the torque also is improved and will hopefully kick in at lower rpm's
Milltek are renowned both here in the UK and Europe. I was told by a technician at Viezu a few years ago now when I had my car remapped for a 2nd time, that the size of the exhaust downpipe was holding the car back with regards to the performance upgrade and that the temperatures being produced on the downpipe were too high to allow a further increase in power to be possible safely. On his recommendation I went to a custom specialist who make exhaust systems for F1 and the BTCC and I have never looked back.