drifting in a front wheel drive?

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first things first, i know nothing about drifting but it looks good and im thinking its a skill i'd like to learn i just want to know is it possible to do it in a front wheel driven car? if not then i spose this topic ends here but if it is possible does any one have any pointers for someone who is totally new like myself?
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You Cannot drift in FWD its Gota Be FR Or RR or 4wd with the diffs setup favouring power to the rear drifting in fwd aint possible i see people saying you gota use the handbrake and stuff but all that really means is your doing a h/brake turn.
Ok yeh Maybe i over exagerated alittle saying it is immpossible but still your not using power from the rear to drift it its alot of h/brake turns and slides nice vids though this is my rwd car its a Bmw 535 i SE

MySpaceTV Videos: My BMW by steve

Let me know what you reckon just bought it was a little run down but i been putting some money into it getting it back up to scratch next its time to start tuning.
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The battle rages on. I think the question is can you drift PROPERLY in a FWD car. The videos are certainly an interesting watch.
It is possible, but it will always be easier drifting in a rwd car.

You can drift in a fwd car properly, but looking rwd car drifting will always be more spectacular. Ofcourse that's just my opinion.
hey guys im no drifter but was just wonderin what the definitive term off drifting is maybe this would help cler up whether fwd can "drift" or simply slide arse out
Ok yeh Maybe i over exagerated alittle saying it is immpossible but still your not using power from the rear to drift it its alot of h/brake turns and slides nice vids though this is my rwd car its a Bmw 535 i SE

MySpaceTV Videos: My BMW by steve

Let me know what you reckon just bought it was a little run down but i been putting some money into it getting it back up to scratch next its time to start tuning.

Good effort matey!!

Now can we pls stop all this b******s about drifting in a front wheel drive car.

I'm not up on dictionary definitians of things but to me drifting is where you drive round the track... sideways...even on the straights (manji! rew) with the rear wheels spinning! You notice the word spinning, like wheel spin, doughnuts etc!! This can't be done in a FWD! You effectivly steer the car with the accelerator.
Now this is possible in a rwd (and if your mental enough a motorbike, I fell off last time, never again). Bearing in mind in a FWD car you can't do this! All you are doing is a handbrake turn at speed. Next people will be saying you can doughnut a FWD car!!
Anyone know of any Drift days that allow FWD cars? Anyone seen a FWD car compete in a competition? NO, you only see it in car parks.

Please can we make this the last of the FWD Drifting Bull****.
with a bit more difficulty. most 4wd are set up for a rear bias in the main so they are technicially more rwd than fwd. some 4wds are controlled by the ecu and can be converted to full rwd simply by removing the fuse
Thats an interesting tip Doughnutter. Wonder if I can get my FWD A3 into a RWD? There is a 4 wheel drive version so the diffs and driveshafts are already out there. Might have a chat with Quaife later and see what they say.
thats what i was just going to ask u guys weither we can make fwd to rwd ..u know if we can make 4wd to rwd huh...

Presumably that'd be more difficult than 4WD to RWD, as in the 4WD car there is always power being transferred to the rear wheels - this means you only have to, presumably as I'm not a Mechanic, mess with the front end to get the back end spinning up.
You need space to take the driveshaft to the back, it needs to be straight and in a 4x4 car usually runs through the center of the passenger area. If you do not have this channel running through the car it is not practical to do as you have to raise the car for ground clearance, resite and reshape the exhaust and somehow get the driveshaft into the rear axle.
whats the matter Prince?

This was the biggest arguement I've seen at TorqueCars! We had some people saying that you could, others saying you can't drift properly unless it's rwd. Personally I think you can drift in fwd, but I also agree that you can't drift as well as you can in a rwd. The arguement starts again...

Why'd you ask anyway? Are you looking to learn how to drift?

P.s. Welcome to TorqueCars mate!
or it being a FWD it could mean nothing happens other than you going stright on with the wheels in full lock. if the kickdown happened after you turned the wheel it may cause you to oversteer or like prince says flip over
Ofcourse it's possible. I drift every weekend with FWD renault laguna (120HP). Key is that you use handbrake correctly and you mustn't be affraid of speed.

Try to accelerate, than stop accelerating and turn left (or right) and moment after that use handbrake. Now accelerate again (still use handbrake!) and correct mistakes with steering wheel.

This is the easiest drift for me. Ofcourse it's easier, if you are drifting in wet conditions.

im sorry, its just not possible, what you call drift in a front wheel drive car is in fact what is referred to as a powerslide. it is not drift, i repeat drifting is not possible in a FWD car. thats what makes it so unique to the RWD cars which can actually do so. sorry to burst everyones bubble.
not possible in a renault laguna, not enough power. 120HP.
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thanks for the response guys...now i have to buy a manual RWD car...
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so the best thing i can do for my car (toyota corolla S, FWD) is drag race only...

thats tough huh!

thanks guys!
Well it's a auto so the best thing you could do is sell it and get a car you can drift with. If you love it that much you could always spend loads (and I mean loads!) on a gear box conversion.
if you can call automatic cars cars i guess, however, drag racing all depends on smooth gear changes and a very fast and powerful 1st gear initial acceleration. which unfortunately is not possible in an automatic car.
thanks for the compliment Waynne.
PS powersliding is as it states, its a slide but its far from drifting.
i read a similar thread on another forum and it was bought to an end by a Japanese drifter stating that a fwd cannot drift because once the over steer is corrected i.e. (lift of over steer, handbrake turn, power slide) the drift cannot carry on because their is no power at the back wheels to push the rear end out so it cannot be a drift !! and tbh nobody had a come back to that statement so the thread died their !!!
you can argue both ways tequnically fwd's cant drift as the back end wont flick out unless the hand break is aplied,but in professional drifting in tight courses the rwd drifters also use the handbreak so i supose it is still drifting.......i think fwd cars can drift but more speed and momentum is needed the drift is not as sideways or as fast or as long there fore leave it to the rwd's like my sierra:p
And on the debate goes! :lol:

I think we should start another thread which defines drifting so perhaps we can determine if ass dragging counts as a proper drift.
sorry to say i dont see that front wheel drive cars drift they under steer and if the back does come out thats out of control and stupid
a drift is a rear wheel car with both wheels under power spinning going sideways
In an unprecedented step I have deleted a number of posts in this thread. Anyone promoting, endorsing or claiming to drift a FWD on the street have had their accounts removed as per our terms and conditions following a complaint.

TorqueCars promote safe driving, we are true car enthusiasts and wish to distance ourselves from any perception that we endorse or condone any form of anti social, or reckless car activities especially "Drifting" on the highway.

FWD car owners will always point at a video of someone doing a long handbrake slide and claim it is drifting.

RWD car owners will always take the line that you can only ever drift in a RWD car.

We are better off debating what "drifting is" and the skills, techinques and car setup to achieve this, rather than this endless FWD can/can't drift cycle. (There is a reason pros don't use FWD cars!;))

There is a new thread for this purpose - http://www.torquecars.com/forums/f44/how-would-you-define-drifting-4679/

Please consider this thread closed.
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