Double din dvd headunit called SUPER??


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Recently brought this double din dvd player but cant find anything out about it as its not got a model number.Has anybody heard of this make super.

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So let me see if I have read this correctly! No model or serial number or the name of a real manufacturer on this unit?
So a warranty claim is going to be real fun for you then! ;)

If your happy with throwing your money away, I have some prime swampland for sale in Florida if your interested!! :lol:

If at all possible my friend, return it now and get your money back and then spend a little bit more on a Head Unit with a recognised name!

Good Luck ;)
It was second hand at £80 with postage i have triedthe unit and is easy to use and alot of features sat nav just need a ariel and software sd card sot,usb compatable.I know its not a reconnised make but will do what i want it to as a decent make woud be atleast £450.
Just needed to find out what sat nav ariel i can use.I know ive not got much to go on but thought it was worth a try as someone might have heard of them.
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