Does Top Gear glorify speeding


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Do you think that TopGear glorifies, promotes or incites speeding?

Seeing TopGear would you say you are more/less or as likely to speed as you currently are?
They don't to anyone with two braincells who realise that they drive like nutters in safe locations.

Trouble is, there's too many impressionable idiots with only one braincell...
Do computer games incite people to kill? Do films incite people to jump off buildings and try to fly?? Do plays incite people to babble incoherently?

Yay, twas a sunny morn when I into the supermarket did visit, a submachine gun betwixt my hands and tho. Blood of mine brethren did flow as joyously I laid waste to them as foretold by Grand Theft Auto IV, before to my death I doth plummet from the rooftops whenceforth my chariot parked was. Most vexed was I that take flight and soar my body did not.
il tell you what made/makes me want to drive fast. The F&F, my god when me n ma mate fist saw that when we were young we made plans to move to america and start racing! lol but now i am more mature i realised its never gonna happen lol
There's a big difference between speeding arrogantly on the public roads and moving very fast on public roads when conditions allow you to do so.
If Topgear encourages speeding then so does Car & Driver or Road & Track or any other legit Auto magazine. it would be different if you had asked if the fast & the furious encourages speeding...but still thats like saying video games or music causes killing its only entertainment
Alan Titmarshes' shows make me want to garden furiously, I decorate every time I watch 'Grand Designs' and am the size of a house due to Delia Smith.

The news makes me declare war on neighboring countries and I am serving a stint in strangeways due to Crimewatch UK.
I work in Bike Insurance, everyone's got them insured for the summer now so got nothing to do!
I can see it now..................after every car that is hammered around that track, smoke pouring from the tyres, every little chappy in their fwd car is furiously trying to drift! :toung:

Top Gear made me turn my redundant seat into an office chair!

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