Do you think the windshield chip on my car was repaired wrong ?


Torque Junkie
Ford Focus mk2
I came across a windshield repair stall in a car park yesterday, showed the man the chip, told him it did have resin in the pit but I scraped it out due to being unhappy with how it looked and it still had some air left in, so it was a chip with an entry hole as I scraped old resin out from last attempted repair

he said as it has been repaired before he could not do much with it ( I thought that only applied if resin was set solid in glass and unable to be scraped out ?? )
he drilled into the pit, put a few drops of resin in and placed a clear curing strip over it and used his special light to harden it. he said it wouldn't be possible to remove the trapped bit of air.

it did improve the appearance slightly, as the chip became cl;ear whereas it was cloudy before, however you can still see the bit of air still remaining.

in the dark if I shine a torch at the chip I can see where he has injected the resin and it has gone underneath the chip and looks like resin is attached to the air, so am I right that the air could have been removed ?

The bubble occurs between the layers in the glass, once it has had resin put in and set it is incredibly hard to get rid of any remaining bubbles. You can't scrape or drill out the resin, it will usually crack the glass in the surrounding area which is usually already weakened.

I won't say it's impossible but I don't blame the guy for not wanting to try and causing more damage to your windscreen.
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