Do you still need to bed in new pads ?


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2011 Honda FN2
I have seen some brake pads advertised saying "no bedding in needed" or words to that effect but have just returned from bedding in my new FORZA FP3 pads and it took at least 10 stops from app 70 kph to 20 kph before they stopped pulling to one side slightly until the whole of pad faces were gripping the discs and was able to do a hands off 70 kph stop and it tracked dead straight.

IMO it is still important to do this especially when fitting new pads to worn discs that ideally should have been machined to remove irregularities or replaced.

Am impressed with the cold grip that gives good pedal feel and control. and looking forward to passing on my impressions after Novembers track day.
Totally agree. Old discs will have groves and wear at a tiny level which will affect the pad bite. After a few hard brakes three pads will bed in.

Pads now have a break in coating to give more bite from new. Old pads did not have this finish and definately needed bedding in.
New pads on old worn discs need to bed in = wear in to mate fully to the discs for 100% bite.

I am "old skool " and I still believe that even new discs and pads still need bedding in to wear off microscopic irregularities and get 100% of the pad surface biting the rotor but maybe not quite as much as with worn discs.

Better safe than sorry IMO ;)
I had an auto transmission problem and it had to be replaced under warranty in my 4WD daily car and had been driving my Civic for 2 weeks and was anazed at the difference of initial brake retardation / bite between the 2 cars. The Civics Forza FP3 pads were so much better like the difference between night & day as the 4X4 needed much more pressure on the pedal with the factory pads.

No prizes for guessing what will be fitted to the dailies calipers when the time comes . :)
I find that Honda servos are quite aggressive in the way they work compared to other cars, it will be interesting to see how this goes when comparing like for like.

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