Do you fit winter/summer or multi season tyres


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Deal, Kent UK
A3 1.4 TFSI 150 COD
When you go for tyres do you switch between summer winter or just go for a good allrounder?

I tend to go for wet weather performance so I'm right 90% of the year in the UK. ;)

The new Michelin all seasons tyre seems interesting. A new compound and winter style tread pattern but it's meant to be good in the summer as well. The £60 premium per axle put me off trying them out.
I have never had a set of winter tyres, or even driven a car with them fitted come to that.
I just drive extra carefully when the snow & ice arrive, no room here to store another set of wheels and tyres anyway. As a general rule my tyre choice is usually high performance with good wet weather traction.
Aye. Living in the Midlands with an easy bimble to work I don't feel the need for winters. North of Scotland maybe.

Very pleased with my uniroyals generally.
on the green one toyo888s in the summer . I did have some eagle f1s fot the winter but fitted them on something else as it isnt/wont be practical to drive it sensibly in the snow or in the wet

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