Do you clean your plugs


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Does anyone clean their plugs anymore? Are modern plugs more resistant to that glazing that supposedly stops them working as well as they should.

How often should plugs be cleaned?
They shouldn't need cleaning if the fuel delivery, emissions control and ingition systems are working correctly. If you really believe in the therapeutic qualities of plug cleaning then try the holistic and organic method first.

Otherwise known as The Turin Tune-up.

Contact me (hdi), for details and operational instructions :)
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If you are just pulling and checking them, it doesn't hurt to give them a quick cleaning b4 putting them back..brake cleaner works well, so does gasoline if in a pinch. I used to clean them instead of replacing them when I was McDonald's broke..
Can't see it's really necessary to be honest. They're so hard to remove in some cars that it's not remotely practical. Try removing the plugs from the rear bank in a V6 Camry, for example.
if you think the rear plugs on a v6 camry are hard try a changing a set on a v12 with webers , i have changed them once and that was to iridium plugs ( should never have to do again )
On all my old cars like my Jaguar S type 1965 and my Austin atlantic yes, I clean the plugs every time the plugs show signs of fouling,must say that since fitting NGK plugs on the Jag and the Austin, the cars run much better and require less periodic plug cleaning. On modern cars, I just replace plugs every 20,000 miles.
Ah the beauty of an old 4-pot 8v Fiat engine. About 3 minutes 28 seconds to change all four plugs :lol:

Yep, remember those days. I had a Fiat 127 and the same applied. Modern engines don't foul up plugs like older ones used to though. I bet you don't need to clean the Fiat's plugs at all between services.

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