Do you buy the same tyres each time


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Do you have a preference for tyre and do you buy the same tyre each time?

I have been generally impressed with any new tyre i've had fitted.

I've started looking at the ratings and now I go for the Dunlop Sport Maxx RT - it has a rim protection, long term wear is good and wet weather performance is very good. The new Michelin cross climate is an interesting new type of tyre, I've not tried them yet but I am tempted.

So what do you tend to go for when it comes to choosing new tyres?
I tend to do a bit of research, check out reviews etc. Then go for the best I can afford.
So far I have not bought the same set of tyres twice :rofl:
Well I have to say I do the same as the two above. I do like my Uniroyals they're great in the wet. I generally look at prices on and then check out the reviews for each tyre and see what's best. I usually buy in pairs tbh but I may by a full set next time I need tyres.

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