Do they make cars that only last 10 years


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Prompted by another thread I think a discussion about cars being built to break after 10 years is worth discussing.

Years ago items, electrical cars anything really was built to last, you still see people using really old hifi stuff for example.

It seems now that corners are being cut to keep costs down and items that used to last for many years, seem designed to break and need replacing after 5-10 years.

Is this just a result of cost cutting or is it down to manufacturers wanting to make more money from replacing cars or parts?

Audi's reputation for reliability really suffered from 2007 to around 2012, when many faults and weak spots cropped up in their cars. (I pick on Audi because I'm a regular user and driver of them and are quite well informed but I'm sure most other car makers are also in the same boat.)

So what do you think? Is it deliberate, a result of lower quality parts and cost cutting or a mixture of both?
10 years that's longer than some marriages these days ;).

Doesn't say much for "till death do we part" commitment bit of the vows :rofl:
Duracell made the mistake a few years back by improving their battery’s life, cost them dearly and they ended up pulling it. Car manufacturers are the same, build in obsolescence to keep people’s interest in evolving models.

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